The rubber tree is used to collect [Resin] which can be used to make Rubber, a very important component of many IndustrialCraft recipes you need it when you first begin your world. Bone meal will work on Rubbertree Saplings.

Rubber Tree

A picture of a rubber tree.


You can identify a rubber tree by its darker wood, lighter leaves, orange-brown rectangles on the sides, or by the distinctive 3 leaf protrusion upwards from the top wood block.

Rubber WoodEdit

Rubber wood can be placed into a extractor which will then turn each wood block into a piece of rubber. This is a far more efficient way of gathering rubber as you dont have to wait for the resin deposits to respawn and you can just replant the tree from the saplings it drops. The giant rubber trees wood also works exactly the same.
Giant Rubber Tree

A picture of a Giant Rubber Tree.

Giant Rubber TreeEdit

There are also giant rubber trees like the one in the picture. These trees are added by RedPower 2, not IndustrialCraft, and aren't fully implemented yet. They don't have any resin deposits.

Other Uses

If place in a industrialcraft extractor they will give you 1 rubber but it's just better to convert it into emc.


  • Even if you're playing on Fast, the leaves have a transparent texture. (fixed?)
  • If you remove the leaves of the wooded sides to get at resin spawns higher up on the tree, the tree dies and wood blocks slowly disappear. The tree will drop a sapling or two (Maybe 3?). You won't get any of the wood to press. The blocks just de-spawn.