Grid Mining Laser

Low-Focus ModeEdit

The Low-Focus function of the mining laser works almost equivalent to a normal tool (pickaxe, sword, etc.), except for the fact that it turns the block into its drop form almost instantaneously. It can only destroy one block at a time, but it only uses a little bit of energy.

The Mining Laser is a helpful item for digging holes in a shorter amount of time.
It has several modes, including Low-Focus, Explosive, Scatter, Long-Range, and Horizontal. The crafting recipe, with and without texture packs, can be found here.

Explosive ModeEdit

The Explosive mode of the mining laser functions as a smaller version of TNT. It tends to use about 1/8 of the laser's energy. It also takes away some of the player's health, due to the explosive effect.

Scatter ModeEdit

Scatter mode works in about the same way as Explosive mode, except it only destroys 8-16 blocks in a circle in front of the player. It does not deal damage to the player.

Long-Range ModeEdit

Long-Range mode is the only mode that actually sends the laser a long distance. This is helpful if you see an ore far away. This mode lowers you down roughly 10 hearts and is very good for sniping.

Horizontal ModeEdit

The Horizontal function of the mining laser allows the laser to go in a straight line in front of the on-screen crosshair. The duration of the burst lasts as long as the right-click button is held. This will continually use up the mining laser's energy.


  • The explosive effect in Explosive mode oddly enough, is the only explosive ever to have no explosion sound effect.