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A maize farm made by NPCs

Summary== Maize is a renewable resource found in Technic Pack. The item was added by the Millénaire Mod and it is a part of the Mayan Culture. The mod will generate structures with NPCs on them that will plant it.


Maize is a farm resource and thus cannot be crafted. It can, however, be farmed under certain circumstances.


Maize is a part of 2 other recipes. They are the following:


The recipe for Masa using 3 Maize


Masa is a tortilla made from Maize. Masa can be crafted by lining 3 Maize in any Crafting Table.


Wah is also like a tortilla, but wrapped around chicken. Wah can be crafted by lining a Maize, a Raw Chicken and another Maize.


Wah recipe made with 2 Maize and a Raw Chicken