Crafting Extractor

Extractor recipe

The Extractor is used to extract items from another item. See the table below for what can be placed in the extractor and the results.

Like other machines, there are two ways to provide the Extractor with energy: either with a direct cable connection or with energy storage items such as RE-Batteries.

It also can use Upgrades to enhance its speed or to accept higher EU voltages.

To pick up an Extractor (as with any machine) you right-click with a bronze wrench, or the Electric Wrench.

Video TutorialEdit

Extractor YieldsEdit

Item Result
Sticky Resin 3 Rubber
Rubber Sapling 1 Rubber
Rubber Wood 1 Rubber
Bio Cell Biofuel Cell
H. Coal Cell Coalfuel Cell
Water Cell Cooling Cell
Cooling Cell Hydration Cell